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Donna Morvan
Kevin Thorn

Hi Kelly,

The best thing about this forum is like standing in your kitchen and saying, "Keys? Keys, where are you?" And then all of a sudden they just appear as if they were right here all along.

Simply put there really isn't much to a Lightbox slide other than simple trigger setting.

1. Create a slide you wish to be your Lightbox slide

2. On the slide(s) you want to point to that lightbox add a trigger to the button you want to point to it:

    - Action: Lightbox Slide

    - Slide: [slide number]

    - When: User clicks

    - Object: [whatever button you use]

If this Lightbox will be accessible from various slides in the course, I often create a separate Scene just to hold Lightbox slides. I can point to them from anywhere and they stay nice a neat in one spot.

Hope that helps.

Kelly Kremin

Donna - thank you. One of the links contained what I needed; three words: common, trigger, lightrbox.

Kevin - thank you, too, for also getting me where I needed to go. I so miss having access to an online index. Often, just looking at the search results for keys can jog my memory - in the bowl on the hall table! (When you are only 1 month in to Storyline, you don't necessarily know that the right path is trigger > lightbox, so, you search and search and search on lightbox and get really frustrated; if you're me, that is.)

Donna Morvan

Hello Peter,

The lightbox slide will behave just like any slide. Assuming you have inserted your object "screenrecording" on the slide itself that you set as a lightbox, it should work.

1. Insert your screenrecording in one slide

2. Create a button that will trigger to lightbox the slide that contains the screenrecording.

See attached.

Hope this helps.


Kevin Thorn

@Kelly, while searching this forum might be limited don't forget the "Add to Favorites" feature. This is one way to have quick access to threads that you find useful and you may need to reference again.

Another option what I do often (and know a few others here do as well) is use Diigo or any other bookmarking tool. For instance if you wanted to save this thread, copy the link and then in your bookmarking took you can add additional keywords such as "lightbox."

Going forward you can just save specific threads and add keywords. Then when you need to reference any threads that you've assigned the keyword, "lightbox" to they'll all be listed neatly.