Setting Variable to = any value of a dropped object

Hi all,

I need to set a variable to = whatever object is dropped on it.

Say a text field containing a user defined variable %Desc1% is dropped on a text field 'Favourite1' I need to set %FAV1% = %Desc1%. 

I have 80 %Descn% and 10 %FAVn% and any 'Descnn' can be dropped on any 'FAVnn'.

Right now the only way I can see it working is to set 800 triggers (i.e. Set FAV1=Desc1 if user drops [Object containing Desc1] on Fav1 or Set FAV1=Desc2 if user drops [Object containing Desc2] on Fav1 etc.....

Surely there's a built in function to do that?


Many thanks



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