Audio Looping, Animation Lagging, etc

Hi, I'm newbie. I made this drag & drop game mixed with Flash animation which I imported to Articulate Storyline 2. I have several questions:

1. I already made audio looping in every slide, but once the user jumped to the next slide, the audio plays again from scratch. Is there a way of making audio looping continuously without stop and play all over again when we change slides?

2. Some of swf animation that should have appeared after a certain activity are lagging. I made a trigger commanded show layer (contains animation) when an activity is done. But the animation didn't show immediately, instead delayed about 5-10 seconds. I've check the timeline, no wasted space. Any suggestion what to do?

3. There are no button Prev & Next in slide 1 & 2, because I deleted the trigger. But in slide 3 & 4 those buttons still showing up, even I've already delete the trigger. What's wrong with that?

4. How to make trigger with rule: object supposed to be played according to instructions step by step . If not, the object is won't be able to be played.

Here I submit the project files.

Thanks in advance for your answers. Happy new year ^_^

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ita, and welcome to the community!

It may be easier to look at the setup on the .story file. Could you attach that as well?

Storyline does not support support background music or audio that spans across multiple slides. As far as the lagging, we could tell better by seeing the file. The previous and next buttons will need to be removed from the slide properties, not just deleting the trigger:


Emily Ruby

Hello Ita,

Thank you for sharing the file. Slide 3 and 4 did still have the Prev and Next buttons set up in the slide properties. I unchecked them and they are no longer showing. As far as the lagging, I did notice it on the Preparation slide. Looking at the layers, a few of them were set to Show the X layer when timeline ends, and the timeline was set to 7 seconds, so the next layer (animation) would not appear for 7 seconds, even if the current animation was done. I changed this on the SaltPoured layer to a 2 second timeline, and the lag is not there now. I also changed it on the SantanPoured layer. Take a look at the updated file and see if this works for you.

You can also submit a feature request for the background music option.