Share Content library items

Can we upload in-house designed objects into Content library in Articulate 360 or Articulate Storyline?
Also, working in a collaborative environment (our e-learning team consists of 20 developers) could our team members create/have access to a unique, common, internal library? The advantage of such approach is to allow our team members to reuse templates and objects. 

Any idea is highly appreciated. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jasmina,

Although there isn't currently an option to upload in house resources to content library, I could see that being a good option for an internal library of resources. You can always share ideas like that in the form of a feature request here as those go to our product development team. 

If you're looking to share resources, I'd suggest following the steps here to collaborate on files. That's for Storyline, but you'll want to ensure you use the same method for Studio files as well to have them downloaded locally before individuals open and edit them.