Sharing in the Challenges

Feb 25, 2021

Hi David,

I'm a little confused about sharing in the challenges. I've shared a link to my challenge (interactive maps), but it hasn't shown up with the rest of the challenge submissions. I'm having fun doing the challenges, but I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong? Do I need to take a screenshot of my challenge for you to share, as well? I wrote a description along with my submission. I don't have a blog post to share, but do I need to create a blog to share?

Nikki Anderson

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David Anderson

Hi Nikki - Thanks for joining and sharing in the challenges this week. I updated the recap post to feature your example:

You did everything correct in sharing and posting your work. I update the recaps manually so it takes a few days to catch up with the older challenges. Sometimes it takes longer depending on how many examples came in during a specific week. It's okay to nudge me in the forums and tell me to stop dragging my feet and update the post:-)

Thanks again for sharing and I hope to see you around more challenges.