Sharing Scorm content

Nov 07, 2023

Hi there, 

I am planning to licence content to other training providers. I create content in rise 360 using a combination of storyline and rise. How can I put time limits on provision of this licence? Is this possible?

Thanks Frances

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Frances, 

Happy to chime in!

You'll want to consider looking at Paywall services if you're planning on selling your authored courses for a fee. Here's an article that I found on some highly rated Paywall services in the market today. Alternatively, if you don't plan on charging anything for your courses, you can check with your LMS provider to see if they can set expiry dates for the courses that you upload to their environment. I know some LMSs have the capability to add a validity period for uploaded content, so asking your LMS provider would be the best way to confirm.