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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Create a generic html page and title it index.html.
  • On the page insert the embed code for the vimeo video.
  • Insert a web object on the slide, you can have it open in a new window.
  • Add the index.html you created. That should show the vimeo video only.
  • Here's a tutorial.

Another option is to insert the video from website and use the vimeo embed code. The video will display in your slide. 


Harry Carter

Hi Julie and Tom...and thank you.

So, it's important that the video plays full screen because we need to see detail on Blueprints.

Would this method (second one) work if embedded?

I'm a bit confused with the method, (insert the video from website (what website?) and use the Vimeo embed code.

Also confused at what happens to that local html file. Does it get packaged into the course when published?

Julie Stelter

HI Harry,

For the embed solution, you choose the screen size in storyline.

Let me clarify, go to the vimeo website. Find the video. Choose your settings for your video in vimeo and then copy the embed code and paste it into "Insert video from website" feature. I don't have storyline open right now. Going by memory. Does this help?