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Stephen Fedder

I wrangled with this issue of being able to add keyboard/quick shortcuts to Storyline for a while for Storyline functions that are not normally available except by drilling down levels in menus, but that I am constantly using - such as in the case below the bring forward / send backward, align top and left, and here I added the show until end toggle that you asked about - next to the align left, but there is no icon for it.  The advantage as well of adding shortcuts to the top quick bar is that there are auto-keyboard shortcuts assigned to them, so in this case alt-4 is send backward, alt-5 is send forward, alt-6 is align top, alt-7 is align left, and alt-8 is show until end toggle...

To do this involves manually editing the Storyline workspace xml configuration, where the layout configurations are stored.  If you make a mistake it can cause Storyline to fail to launch, so you need to make sure you have a backup of the original before editing it so you can restore it if necessary.  Also since Articulate has not integrated events for these buttons for some of the functions if you click on them when there is no corresponding element selected, it will disable the button and the button will not be re-enabled until restarting Storyline, but I find that I can live with that to be able to have the keyboard shortcuts and make editing much quicker.  Even better would be if Articulate added the capability to assign these shortcuts and even better if they allowed keyboard shortcuts to be able to be assigned to all available Storyline functions.

I'm hesitant to post the changes here, as I said if you are not careful it can cause Storyline not to be launchable, but let me know if there is an interest in this, as I have found it very helpful and thought maybe others might as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

There is not shortcut key functionality for that, but you can select multiple elements on your timeline at once to change their properties. This sounds like a good feature request (similar to the hide/lock all elements at once on a timeline which was implemented in update 4).

Stephen - welcome to Heroes! Thanks for sharing your offer of help here, and I appreciate the caution as well.

Stephen Fedder

You're welcome - I posted a screenshot of my Quick Access Toolbar, but it did not show up for some reaon in the above post - I added it as a jpeg rather than pasting it - posting it here again hoping it shows up this time.  I keep several different workspace configurations depending on what I'm doing to speed things up,  When I saw this post I added in the capability that was asked for to see if it was possible, and it worked...  So far I haven't found any issues with doing this other than being careful and making sure to back up the original workspace file first.  Kind of like doing registry edits in Windows