Showing layer via button trigger (with conditionals) not behaving consistently.

Nov 29, 2017

I have a task to recreate an iPad app using Storyline360.  Yeah.  I get the easy projects.

There is a navigation menu that can be accesses on every screen.  A button toggles it to move on/off the stage using triggers and logic gates.  It works fine.

There is a button in the navigation menu that toggles the visibility of 2 layers; one on top of the menu layer and one on the bottom.

menuLayer (navigation menu)

When button is clicked to show the help layers, it works as it should:

  1. It will hide the navigation menu (by setting a variable that triggers an animation) if the variable "helpShowing" is TRUE.
  2. There are 2 triggers that will only execute if "helpShowing" is TRUE.  This is for hiding the help layers. 
  3. It sets "helpShowing" to FALSE.
  4. If "helpShowing" is false, show helpLayerBG.
  5. If "helpShowing" is false, show menuLayer (to make sure that its on top of helpLayerBG).
  6. If "helpShowing" is false, show helpLayerOverlay.

Thats how to get those layers to show.

The help layers have FADE transitions and the shapes in them have FADE exit animations.

Both layers have triggers that:

  1. Set "helpShowing" to equal true when timeline starts.
  2. Pause the timeline on ThisLayer when the timeline starts.
  3. Hide ThisLayer when the timeline ends.

On the helpLayerBG layer, there is a button that hides the layers by:

  1. Setting "helpShowing" to FALSE when clicked.
  2. Restarting the timelines for the two help layers.
  3. Set "menuMoving" to TRUE if "menuMoving" is FALSE.

I just can't figure out WHY it won't show helpLayerBG after the initial displaying.  Do i need to add another variable to create a mitigating logic gate like i have for showing/hiding the navigation menu?   (2 boolean variables, one for if the menu is moving and one for if it's on the screen or not).



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