showing plus sign for whole number variable display

Nov 17, 2018

Dear Heroes,

In a project, I am using a couple of variables.

There is a question where a user has to select a few options. If the correct combination is used,   I have to show the variable score with '+' sign. Something like "+10" (value of the variable to display increment). I am getting the "-" sign for negative numbers but all whole numbers are appearing without the "+" sign. Is there any way to get it with the "+"?

Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Servan

You need to have 2 variables.
Variable for the sign, and variable for the value.
You need to check if the value is Negative or Positive.

If Positive, change the PLUS_MINUS_SIGN_VARIABLE variable to +
else "-".

If you don't want the  "+" sign, delete it and the "-" sign will display.


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