Shuffling Answers and Feedback Master

I am new to Storyline 2.  I've developed several question banks (each in a separate scene) and am now building quizzes that draw random questions.  Two quirky issues:

1. On the drop down matching questions, I can not change the shuffle answer option to none. When I go to form view, the menu choice is greyed out on "answers."

2. A change that I make in the feedback master does not show up  on questions.  If I had changed a color on the feedback layer on a question while in slide view, does that override any subsequent change to the feedback master?   

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Ron Price

Any kind of matching question is automatically shuffled.  In the design phase, you align the correct options together in the form and when the question is viewed it shuffles them.  That is how the a matching question has to work, so they do not give you the option to change that.

Answer to question 2 is YES. (If I understand you correctly)  If you manually change a color on the Feedback Layer it overrides what changes you make in the feedback Master.