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Dec 16, 2016

Has anybody figured out how to access the 1.3 million images, videos, and icons that Articulate is including with the 360 subscription.  These are different from the templates and characters I have already found.  The what's new video by Arlyn Asch shows a "Stock Photos" button on the "Insert" tab.  But I don't see the button in SL 360.  Is there another way to access these images?  


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kennet,

Our team is actively working on this new feature and the other ones noted on the What's New, What's Coming page, and I don't have a hard release date to share yet. Sharing some insight into our Product roadmap is a bit of a shift for us, so I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the timing of those announcements in connection with their release date? How much notice is helpful to you in terms of planning for upgrades vs. an irritation that it's not yet included?  Hopefully having that type of insight will help us as as we focus on continued, frequent updates to the Articulate 360 suite of tools! 

Kennet Ståhl

When I read the mail and watched the video from Arlyn I get a clear
impression it was already implemented. Citiation from the mail


Content Library
Get beautiful course assets from Content Library. New content includes:

1.4 million royalty‑free stock images and videos
Two new photographic characters with 348 total poses
A gorgeous new set of 35 slide templates

It did not say say that it was coming months later. Watch the video yourself

This is on the limit of false sales marketing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

You don't have to be logged into Articulate 360 to be able to see the resources available in the Content library. Just visit and you'll be able to navigate around the templates and characters to see what is currently accessible. The new stock images are not yet included in the Content Library so I don't have any samples to share there yet. 

Jenny Horne

Yes, found the templates and characters (though with the trial you could only try up to six, I believe). I was more interested in the advertised million+ royalty free stock photos and seeing what you offered. That was a selling point as I'm sure why it was included in the promo videos;  I was disappointed to learn they weren't available. Also in the six characters I could have access to with the trial, only two worked; I tried downloading the other four and it failed each time. Not sure if it was my computer or a quirk with the trial. Thanks for the quick response, but I'm still  a bit disappointed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

The trial should allow you to access the Velocity template and the characters of Brandon, Lily, Andrew, Laura, Atsumi, Al, Arthur, and Marilyn. If the download failed, that's something our Support Engineers would always be happy to take a look at and you can reach our team 24/7 at this link.  Support cases are free and available to trial customers and existing customers. 

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