SL 360 SCORM takes time to preload

Jan 16, 2020

Hi all,

SL 360 SCORM is taking time to preload :(

My SL project has:

  1. Optimized Images (png, jpg)
  2. Optimized videos hosted in AWS - viewed in web object
  3. Custom Interactivity (html css javascript) like drag and drop, viewed in web ojbect
  4. SL variables connecting to web object via Javascript triggers - vice versa
  5. Over 40 - 50 slides (with branchings)

Does this affect the preloading of the SCORM?

I hope you can advise.



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Erwin Ancheta

Hi Randy,

Just a follow-up question.

We tested:

Web object hosted video VS Video on SL slide.

It seems like Video on SL slide preloads faster than Web object hosted video.

Question is, Does the web object hosted video still preload in SCORM?

Again thank you in advance.