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Feb 19, 2018


Client gave me a list of 10 items as possible answers for a quiz question. They want the user to select 5 (technically, all the answers are correct, and they just want the learner to select 5)

How do I get that to work? I'm using the multiple response layout. I've marked them all as possible correct answers, but it only registers as "Correct!" if all 10 are selected. How do I insert variable for telling it that any 5 of the 10 are selected is correct?  Or does the client need to give me 5 non-correct answers to sprinkle into the mix?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Karen

I would change it to a pick one freeform and use two offstage button correct and incorrect of which the correct button is selected in the form view.

Then add a number variable that counts each correct answer

See attached rough sample.  This is just one way of doing it. Hope it helps or gives you an idea.

Karen Siugzda

Wendy, Just to follow up on this, in case anyone happens upon this thread, the approach is a good one. However, the triggers in your sample file don't quite solve the issue. I'll have to think about how to approach the triggers a bit more. Currently, someone could click 1 button 3 times and have it be considered "correct" based on the count method.

But thanks for the spark of idea. I'll see if I can work through it.

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