SL2 Set object's state to value of variable

Hi everyone,

I have a slider and button interaction and 9 objects with states numbered 1 to 6. What I am trying to do is change the state of the object based on the slider's value. However what I don't want to do is have individual triggers for changing the state. The reason for this is that I'd have to add 54 (9*6) triggers!

So really what I'm looking for is the ability to take a value from a variable and change a state based on that. Currently I see no way of doing that.

For those interested, the slider moves a little person along the horizontal of the screen, there are buttons which decrease/increase the light on the person. As they are moved from the light they get slightly darker, which is when they push the buttons. Hopefully this helps put the picture into your head as to what I'm trying to achieve.


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