SL360 - Feedback Master Issue

I am not able to delete some Feedback Masters that I'm not using, because they are 'assigned' to slides. 

I would like to tidy up my Storyline file as much as possible but I am getting stuck here not being able to delete what I want. 

The Storyline file I am using only has 5 Slides... 

... And I am unable to Delete these. 

I have other Storyline projects experiencing similar issues, those ones are actually pulling over Feedback Masters from older SL2 style feedback. I am not able to delete these either even though I'm not using them in my course. 

Would I be able to privately share my Storyline file? 

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Michelle Pickering

Hi Tracy, 

It does seem like those Modern Feedback masters were on my Questionbank. Which is good because now I can fix them.

I'm still struggling with some Feedback Masters where I can't seem to figure out where they are linked (I've removed all of my Freeforms from the project and my Questionbank and they are still sticking around.) I have cleared them so that they are just blank slides for now...

Is there any way of knowing where a Feedback Master is linked if there aren't any 'Feedback' layers? Is something hidden somewhere from it being an SL2 project originally? 

Michelle Pickering

Hi Leslie,

I have imported my project into a new clean file, and the extra Masters continue to come along with it.

Can you explain how the 'Preserve' feature works? I've tried to turn it on and off different Masters but it seems a bit buggy. Like, it doesn't always let me turn it off a particular slide or when I manage to it doesn't let me turn it back on. 

I'm just trying whatever I can at the moment. I know that making a brand new project with my new Master in the future will be easy, it's just tidying up my older projects that are proving difficult. 

Michelle Pickering

Hey, so I've managed to narrow down the issue to 11 slides that have 'Feedback' masters applied to them where I want to remove those feedback masters. 

The issue is that these slides don't have 'Feedback', they aren't Freeforms or anything like that. So why are there Feedback Masters for each of these slides?

Would I be able to privately send you over the SL360 file so you can see what I am talking about?