SL360 Local Web Object - Chrome Issue

Feb 04, 2019

I have an older course with an embedded pdf form that works correctly in Internet Explorer. I now need to make this course also work in Chrome. The embedded pdf form does not display correctly in Chrome and I'm not sure why.  I have to use a local web object since linking to Google Docs or some other website is not allowed where I work. Also, my "mailto:" on the pdf email button does not work in Chrome. 

Any suggestions?

This is what is in my index.html file:


<title>Static-99R Coding Form</title>


<object type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%" object-fit=contain data="Static99R Coding Form Bill.pdf">





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

When you're testing this, are you doing so from the local published output or have you uploaded into your server/LMS? The local testing could be why the "mailto:" link isn't working, so it'd be worth checking it out once uploaded to its final destination.

As for the display, does the web object not scroll within that window, or it's just off center? Can you also check the player properties for publishing - did you set it to lock at optimal size? 

Let me know any more details you can! 

Melanie Sobie

Thanks Ashley for the tips!  I normally have my player set to fill the browser. I changed it to lock at optimal size and the navigation works now. (Previously you could only scroll down part of the way on the pdf in Chrome but not all the way to the end.)

The mailto link on the adobe acrobat form still does not work in Chrome.  I'm testing this by uploading a zip file to our LMS. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Melanie.  I'm glad the navigation is working now.  This article explains why email links or triggers might not work in your output, including different browser security restrictions.  

Is this PDF included for practice for your learners, or do you need to capture the information that learners are inputting on the form?  If you need to capture that information, a workaround might be to use quiz slides to report their responses directly to the LMS.

Melanie Sobie

Hi Crystal. I have a feeling this is just a situation where Adobe Acrobat pdfs don't play nice with Chrome.

I'm not using the Storyline email trigger. I'm using a button that is on the pdf with the mailto link. In my original course, the user is required to watch some video vignettes and then fill out the form and email it to their supervisor so they can discuss it after the exit the training. The original course has several of these. 

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