SL360 question banks and retaking sections based on quiz failures

May 05, 2021

Hi - can anyone help with the cleanest way to achieve this please?

  1. I have a SL360 quiz in my course made up of 10 question banks [ with 3 Qs in each that correspond to the 10 sections in my course
  2. I only want to offer 1 question from each bank randomly so 10 questions in total and set 2 attempts at the whole quiz
  3. if they fail after 2 attempts, I want to direct them to a main menu to revisit only the sections they failed on [so, change the states on those menu buttons to a 'retake' state of a different colour that I made]  for the sections they should revisit [failed on], before they retake the quiz for a 3rd time. Phew...any ideas or suggestions for a better experience please? Thank you.
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