SL360 Restricted navigation is not working as expected when layers are involved

Aug 25, 2020

I have created a course using SL 360 and set the Back/Next buttons to "Restricted". I want the users to proceed to the next slide only if they have seen the current slide. Some of my slides have layers. So I have added variables to check if the user has visited the layer or not. And based on the values of these variables, I have added triggers to enable Next button.

When I go through the slides in the correct sequence, the Back/Next buttons work fine - they enable only once the slide and layers are viewed completely. 

However, I am having troubles on the slide with layers. The Next button gets enabled even though layers are not visited if you click Back and then Next. So if I dont view the current slide (which has layers) completely and click Back. And then click Next and come to the same slide, the Next button gets enabled even though I haven't viewed the layers.

Due to this issue, the users are able to skip slides even though the Back/Next buttons are set to "Restricted".

Please let me know if there is a fix for this. I am attaching a file for reference.



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Euan Hill

Okay, I see. It appears that if you play out the entire timeline on Slide 2, go back and then forwards again it ignores the fact the Layers need to be viewed as well.

I'm not very familiar with these standard Storyline buttons and settings as I've only ever worked with custom Back/Next buttons, but I found that if I added the trigger (screenshot below) to your sample course it assured that both layers had played out before you can continue (even when going back and then forwards).

Trigger example

I've attached your sample file with the added trigger :).

Judy Nollet

Euan beat me to it. I was just about to upload your file with a similar trigger added.


  • The built-in Restricted navigation automatically enables the Next button when the base timeline ends.
  • However, when you add your own trigger to disable Next, that overrides the default, and the program won't enable Next until you tell it to.
  • As long as you include an appropriate condition with the trigger that disables Next, it won't disable when revisiting. 

BTW, on the layers, I'd recommend hiding the Close button and then animating it on at the end of the timeline. That'd prevent people from closing a layer before its timeline ends (which would prevent the Next button from ever enabling). 

Judy Nollet

Hi, Alisha,

I see what the problem is: Euan used "and" to connect the conditions to disable the Next button, so it only disables when both of the layer-viewed variables are false. The connector should be "or," so that Next disables when either of the variables is false. That'll prevent it from enabling if you go back after viewing one layer.

Fortunately, I still had my version of the file (attached), so you can see how this works. (FYI: I shortened all the timelines, because I hate to wait while testing.)

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