SL360 Results_ScorePoints not showing what I think it should

Mar 30, 2021

Where do the built-in variables Results_ScorePoints and Results_ScorePercent come from? I'm looking at a file that was made by a contractor over 2 years ago (can't ask her what happened), and the total points possible should be 90, but the course is counting the total points possible as 117.6. Not sure where it is coming up with a portion of a point, but I'm confused.

9 questions - each question has 3 initial options:

Perfect answer: 10 points

Ok answer: 5 points

Not correct: 0 points

If the learner answers the perfect or ok answer, they get their points and move on. If they answer incorrectly, they go to a different screen with a remedial question, answers worth 5 points for correct, and 1 point for ok answer.

I get a max point total of 90 points for all 9 questions. The learner that noticed this received all 90 points, but the total percentage was 61.2%?

I can't find a good article that describes how these built-in variables in SL360 work.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Angie,

The built-in Results_ScorePoints and Results_ScorePercent variables are automatically added when an official Results slide is inserted in a course. (FYI: They don't work if a Results slide is imported from another course.)

The program adjusts those variables  in the background when the user completes a quiz.

The program scores each question as correct or incorrect. A correct answer gets the points indicated on the question slide. (The default is 10 points, but one can change that in Form View.) There's no "partially right." In other words, there is no way to assign points for an "ok" answer using the built-in variables. 

It sounds like the file you have uses custom variables to provide a score that includes points from "ok" answers. But the built-in variables may also be scoring based just on correct or incorrect.

So my guess is that weird percentage is coming from built-in scoring, and the points are coming from custom scoring. 

Since you want custom scoring, my advice is to locate and delete the references to built-in scoring. Keep in mind, though, that means you won't be able to track completion based on the quiz score.