Jan 10, 2023

I see that there will be a final update on SL3 offline version of Storyline. Does anyone know, will there be an SL4 or other offline version of Articulate Storyline?

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Judy Nollet

I don't/can't speak for the company. Based on the announcement, though, my best guess is that there won't be a Storyline 4. If they were planning SL4, it seems to me that they would've taken this opportunity to announce it.

I think Articulate 360 is the way to go, because it offers so much more than SL3. However I realize that the annual subscription price can be prohibitive to some.

Along with others, I keep hoping that the company will announce some sort of payment plan. For example, like insurance companies, they could offer a pay-in-full price, and offer a pay-monthly or pay-quarterly price that charges a bit more overall in exchange for the option of paying over time. But, again, that's up to them. 

Sylvia Wright

Thank you John. The info saddens me, but is helpful. I'm guessing Articulate will never fix the dead zone at the bottom of slides or the other bugs that have shown up. Deeply disappointed. We have no need at this point for all the bells and whistles of 360 so will likely have to face the challenges of trying to keep going with an old SL3.

Susan L

If there is no SL4 that makes me very sad. I use Storyline 3 with my students all the time (I've made hundreds of games and interactions) and the cost of 360 is way out of my league as an individual educator. With no updates I'm wondering how long it will be until web browsers make some kind of big update meaning my Storyline 3 interactions no longer work.

Samuel Jennings

Unfortunately, Articulate will lose several customers by discontinuing this standalone product. Also, several organizations with sensitive information  (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) will likely not use the cloud version. And, like others have said, as an educator this option was far more affordable. Very disappointing to say the least.