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Jun 04, 2014


This may, more than likely, be such a simple response, but I've been working with variables for hours and I'm just not catching the easier stuff!!

My story has 7 scenes.  I do have a company custom player that includes prev/next/resources/menu.  I have a few scenes in my story that I would like to be full screen, with no prev/next/resources/menu buttons and I've set the "custom" setting to do so.  When previewing the project, the prev/next/resources/menu buttons don't show, but, the area where they would have appeared is displayed, preventing the full screen effect I'm looking for and showing the one below. 

In order to accommodate this, am I going to have to create custom prev/nav/resources/menu buttons on each screen, in order to achieve full screen and remove the black area on the bottom?



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Lisa Anderson

Thanks Phil and Laurine...

That's what I figured, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something so simple, which can easily be done sometimes.

Do you think it logical to have this be a feature request?  It seems that if you have a scene that is a game and you want absolutely no nav controls and full screen, that by selecting "custom" and unselecting all the navs that you could remove the default player for the story's look. 

Again, thanks!!!!!

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