Slide animations controlled by triggers

Apr 21, 2014

I'm trying to create a short training for the phone that uses slide animations to create a sliding effect. When the learner clicks 'next' (a button I embed on the page, not the built-in Next button), I want it to slide to the right (I'm using Cover Left now). When the user clicks 'previous,' I want it to slide to the left (what would be Cover Right). The problem is, I can only assign one transition per slide. Any way to use triggers or something to assign a slide animation to a button? I cannot find a way to do that. Or does someone else have a clever way to create that sliding left and right behavior on a phone/tablet training as you move back and forth from page to page?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Dave! Depending on how many slides you have and how it needs to work, one option could be to duplicate each slide so that one has the slide to right effect and one has the slide to left effect.  Then you could modify the links so that when you're moving forward you link to the "forward" version and when moving backward link to the "backward" version. 

Dave LeFevre

That's a great suggestion, Mike. Simple and gets the job done.

Any ideas about being able to do the same things on a mobile device without putting the chevrons (what I'm using for "Next" and "Previous") on the page? In other words, on tablets and phones, you just swipe left and right to change pages in many apps, such as Kindle or a news reader. I'd like to create that same experience with the training, if at all possible. Appreciate any help and insights.

Mike Taylor

If you're using Storyline one way you can get that 'swipe effect' is to put two transparent boxes on every slide. One that covers the entire left half of the slide and the other that covers the right half. Then you can use a trigger that jumps forward to the appropriate slide when the right box is dragged over the left one and another trigger that jumps backward appropriately when the left box is dragged over the right. 

Here is a published example and here is my source .story. file

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