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Christine Hounsham

Hi Melanie,  Are you able to provide a bit more info re your slide design?   i.e. I am assuming from above that your slides have audio - is it computer generated within SL or imported audio file?  And what next slide trigger are you using?  This would help troubleshoot. 

A few guesses though:

- if the problem is that the change between slides happens to quickly  - if you have a Jump to next slide at end of audio, change it to end of timeline and simply drag timeline to extend beyond audio file

- if it is that the inflexion of the audio makes it seems that sentences are always running on (and assuming using text-to-speech function), ensure that you add a full-stop at the end of each sentence.  I also like to add extra returns to ensure nice long pauses.  

If these aren't correct, two troubleshooting ideas for you:

- try copying and pasting white noise onto the end of the audio (i.e. open audio editor - copy white noise at the beginning and paste at the end of audio timeline);

- if you're using imported audio (speech) check that the audio isn't clipped at the end of the sentences.  When recording if the noise filter is set to high it can clip the last bit of each sentence meaning you lose the sound of the full-stops.  

I hope one of those is the fix for you. 

Cheers Christine