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Jan 15, 2014


I have a course with "tips" that you can click any time during a slide for helpful information. I built the tips with slides and use the option "Pause timeline of base layer" so the user can read the tip before exiting and resuming with the course. It works pretty slick.

Here's the problem: when a user hits the Rewind/Replay button on the player, the slide starts over but the audio won't play. There are no triggers set to start the audio, it's merely set to play when the timeline starts. I tried adding a trigger to "play media" when the timeline starts, but that prevented the user from being able to use the seek bar to adjust their position in the audio.

I have layers in other slides of the course, but this is only happening when I check the option "Pause timeline of base layer" in the Slide Layer Properties. I found a way around this by adding an additional layer that shows automatically when the timeline starts. It's a blank slide that's only .25 seconds long, but I think the fact that I have "pause timeline of base layer" checked on this blank layer somehow triggers the base layer to play the audio when the layer is finished and hidden.

Is there a better way to fix this? I find it strange that the entire base layer will play, but the audio will not.

Thank you!


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Kira Christensen

Hi Ashley,

The base layer is also set to reset to initial state. Everything on the screen is starting from the beginning, but the audio doesn't start playing. Sound levels are normal. Also, if you just click on the seekbar to start back at the beginning, everything works as expected. If you revisit the slide after navigating somewhere else in the course, it starts at the beginning of the slide and works as expected. The only time it doesn't work as expected is when clicking the rewind/replay button. Is it possible that something is buggy about using the rewind/replay button?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your time.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kira,

I'm just re-reading your original post, and wonder are you using the rewind button while on the layer or while on the base slide? If you're using it from the layer, and you've paused the timeline of the base slide you won't be able to rewind it. You may want to look at adding a button on the layer to replay the audio if you think that is something your users would need/use. 

Brittany  Miltenberger

Hello! I am running into this exact same issue. After hiding a layer, I click the rewind button when I'm back in the base layer. The seekbar moves, but no audio plays until I click on the seekbar with my mouse. The base layer is set to "reset to initial state" when revisiting. The courses I develop use layers frequently, so any help would be much appreciated! :) Thanks!

Brittany  Miltenberger

Hi Leslie,

Just updated to Update 7 (thanks for the heads up on that!) I am still having the same issue unfortunately. I am publishing and viewing my content in SCORM cloud. I am viewing the story.html file. This issue does not occur in the story_html5.html output. Due to 508 accessibility we need to release the story.html file to our customers.

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