Slide Layers and Menu

I am a first time user and I'm trying to figure out the best way to lay out my presentation. It's a "Portfolio", so I have several (10) buttons on the front and I want to be able to click them and visit the topic. Some buttons will have 1 slide worth of content, and others will have 2 or 3. I initially set each button up with a slide, but then thought layers might be better. I just want to confirm there is not a way to have a layer as a menu item though? I read a post from 5 years ago that said it's not possible. If this is still the case, I'll switch back to slides (per layer) so I can navigate to them from the menu.

Also, any other related advice would be helpful! I am going to make a separate post about a few different topics.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cara. Really great thoughtfulness about course design!

It sounds like you're on the right path with having a menu slide which branches out to different scenes of content. You can open a layer on the same slide by clicking on a menu button, but it may be easier to stick with organizing your topics into scenes containing slides.

Community folks, share your best practices for organizing branched learning!