Slide Layers and Viewing Time for them

I have a number of layers on my course that have hyperlinks on them.  However, since I’ve set the slide layers to disappear once you hover-off the layer, you don’t have enough time to click on the links.  If I don’t select that setting, then I’m not sure how you can move back to the base layer and select the “next” button.  Since some of my screens have several layers on them, I’d like the learner to have free navigation between the layers and the base slide, and then select “next”.

Any suggestions as to how to resolve this?

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Harri C

Hi Greg,

Would you be able to upload a screenshot of the slide and or a slide as a .story file as I'm not sure I fully understand the issue.

That said I do have a few suggestions....

-You could add a button on the layer to hide the layer when user clicks

-You could check the layer settings (little cog like icon) and set it to allow the user to click on the base layer 

Hopefully that's of some use to you 

Greg Rider

Hi Allison and Harri --

Thanks for your input.  I think I'll try the button idea for the layer.  Could you please provide a few bullets of instruction as to how to actually do that?  I'm afraid of complicating the logic/building of the layeer/"crossing my wires," in creating this.

Thanks again.