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Jan 14, 2014

Hey guys and girls,

I've been using Articulate for the past few months and discovering new tools etc day by day. However ,I have recently come to a brick wall here with regards to this problem, so any help with this from someone whom has more knowledge of the program, that would be great.

I am currently beginning to set up a few master slide templates, which seem to be working great. However a lot of these templates have an image present in the background, and these are always the bottom layer. So I created a placeholder image in my slide master and set this to back. Now after I have gone through the process of creating a new slide and selecting the correct slide master I am now coming across a weird problem. Every time I select an image to fill my placeholder image it seems to appear above everything else I have in my slide master? Even though its the bottom layer in the slide master, this makes no sense to me. Why would I want it to appear over the top of all my animations created in the slide master? All I need to do is fill in a few placeholder text fields and select a placeholder image. That way all my animations will be consistent from slide to slide.

Any help would be amazing.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wesley,

I tested this out on my own files, and was able to replicate the behavior you're describing when adding an image to the placeholder it moves that image to the front. The only workaround is to right click on it and send it to the back, or click on the image within the timeline and drag it to the bottom of the list. I've reported this to our QA team, but I don't have a time frame to offer on a fix, so in the meantime I'd use the workaround. 

wesley lyne

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I am glad its not just me finding this problem but the solution you suggested will not work in this scenario due to the placeholder image only moving to the back of our timeline based layers. The image will still appear above any components created in the slide master, this isn't ideal as I would like the full screen image to be set as my background and the animations created in the slide master to appear on top.

I did however find a solution which is to create a slide master with the placeholder image, this is all that is needed. Then create a feedback master with all the animations in and the placeholder text. Then when creating your slide, choose the slide master with your placeholder image in and then proceed to create a new layer using the feedback master. After you have done this simply change the setting to not hide all layers and tell the layer to show when the timeline starts.

Sorry if I am going on a bit, but this was the only solution I had in the timeframe.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wesley,

Thanks for sharing a bit more information, and I'm curious if you could share your .story file with me? On the example .story file I shared with our QA team, I was only adding new elements on the slide itself, and then when going to add an image to the placeholder it brought it to the front. When I added additional elements to the slide master, the placeholder stayed at the back - so it seems we've got two different things here. 

If you'd like the image to appear full screen as your background image were you unable to set it using the Background design set up?  You can choose if it's applied to all slides or just one slide. 

Randall Sauchuck

The way the image placeholders work really limits their usefulness. Like Wesley, I have a design that contains multiple elements on the master slide. Behind all of these elements I would like to have a background image that is customizable  at the page level so I added an image placeholder. However when I exit the slide master set up and go to my page. the placeholder has now moved to the top of the stack of all those elements. Lame! 

It seems my only other options are to create a full screen background image and assign that to the background of the slide or create a transparent png with "holes" cut out to show the elements that are being covered. Neither solution is very elegant. 

As horrible as Adobe Captivate is, at least it gives you the option to choose whether master slide items appear in front of or behind content slide items.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Randall,

Sorry you didn't find the assistance you needed in this thread and thanks for sharing some additional thoughts here. If you'd like to see a different behavior in the future you may also want to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request as those will go directly to our product development team for review. 

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