Slide Master lag; selecting objects

Aug 14, 2016

2 issues that have been bugging me for a while (SL 2):

1. When I edit my Master Slides there is always a lag...I click on an element to edit and it takes 5-10 seconds until I can actually edit it (adding/ editing text, adding a trigger, etc.). This has happened with multiple templates I've used.

2. Minor but consistent issue: often when I have an object selected that I want to resize, I have to re-select it multiple times until it actually grabs the corner I want to drag. The mouse ends up just touching the screen under the object I have actually selected and creating a box as if I'm trying to select a number of objects on the screen. 

Does anyone else have these problems? I install the updates as they come out. 

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Walt Hamilton

#2. The Sl process is that you click an object and the handles appear. You click on a handle or edge, and the cursor changes to indicate a new selection and action. All of this is an illusion. Hold the mouse button down for another second or two, and the system will recognize the change and you can drag or resize. The change of the cursor does not indicate a change of focus.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Margaret!

Do you meet the system requirements specified here? Are you seeing this issue on all your projects or just a particular one? Have you looked to see that you're working with local project files as described here?  Also, if you're seeing it on all project files it may be worth going thru the repair steps detailed here to resolve the unusual behavior. 

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