Slide master says slide being used, but not seen in Story View

Sep 16, 2021

I have two programs, both I thought were exactly the same other than one is in English and the other in Spanish. The problem is when I publish the Spanish version it shows a question slide at the end. When I am in Storyline and click on the slide view, it's not there. I've checked on the slide layers and do not see it either. I can go into the slide master and the slide master shows a slide being used and when I print out the, but I don't see it in the actual story view. How can I find this slide so I can delete it from the master?

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Steven Robinson

Okay, so I'm here to answer my own discussion. I finally figured it out. I had to go to the "question bank" and delete the two question banks that were under that tab. Once I deleted those two then I could go back and delete the slide out of the slide master. Crazy stuff, but I don't give up easily!