Slide Master - Text Placeholder switch their position and title font size is not adjusted to master layout

Mar 12, 2021

Hi everyone,

I have some questions regarding the slide master.

  1. In our slide master, we have 2 layouts which look similarly (see attached images). One has 5 placeholders for text, the other one has 6 placeholders for text. The idea is that the authors can switch the layouts.
    However, when switching to another layout, the placeholder move their position. In the attached examples, I switched from 4 to 5 learning objectives. As you can see, my instructional text moved to number 5.
    Is there a way to avoid that the text placeholders switch places?
    By the way: This happens as soon as I enter text into the placeholders. If I leave the placeholders empty, I can switch the layouts as much as I want with the placeholders at their correct position.
  2. We imported a PPT with a different title and body font size. When applying our master layout, the body is displayed correctly. However, the font size of the title is not adjusted to the one set in the master. 
    How can we set this up so that the font size also changes for the title?
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Ren Gomez

Hi Birgit,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those images! Regarding your first point, I created a similar master slide of three icons and three placeholder texts. When I applied a master slide with four items, I noticed the additional icon and placeholder text was added as the first item, not the fourth, so that may help explain why it's not just an add-on.

Are you able to share your file with our support team? If so, I'd like to have them take a closer look and provide further details on this and your second point!

Birgit Koerfer

Hi Ren,
I am not sure if I understood you correctly.

My point is that the text should not move at all, especially my instructional text. What I entered needs to stay as close as possible to its original position if I switch to a similar layout. The instructional text should stay on the black background, but it moved. My objectives should stay where they are supposed to be, but the text placeholders moved as well. I just wanted one additional text field to appear at the end by switching layouts. And as far as I can see from yoru example, Storyline does the same.

In Powerpoint this is possible. My placeholders do not switch places at all if I switch between similiar layouts. I can even go back to my original layout if I decide otherwise. But in Storyline I cannot do that as soon as I entered text in the placeholders.