Slide Master titles and identification?

Nov 05, 2014

I have a some probably pretty basic questions regarding the slide masters, that I must admit still puzzles me a bit.

1) The title check-box in the Slide Master view. How does it work? I see no change on my screen when I check it?

2+3) The Text Box 1 marked has a different icon than other text boxes. I suppose thats because its used as the slide title. But again, what is that title used for, and what extra functionality is added to it over a "regular" text box? Second, if I accidentally delete the text box, how can I re-create it?

4) The Question layout is used for questions, when those are created manually or importet. But how does storyline know, that that's the layout I want to use? - But its name (and should I defer from renaming)? - by some hidden id? And how does SL know, where to put my questions, if I have several text boxes on my slide?

I'm slowly getting a pretty good grip at storyline, so I'm a bit embarresed that I still not understand basic concepts of the slide masters.. Please enlighten me :)


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bjarne,

Don't be embarrassed. I think we're all at times uncertain about what's "doing" with the Master Slides. I'm still discovering things as I work with SL

I think I can answer most of your questions:

1. In the attached, the first slide is using the Title and Content Layout (from the master), and I've unchecked that "title" check box you've referred to in your #1. Consequently, there is no title on that slide.

2+3. I agree that the icon is different in order to let you know which one is the title box. It can be used, for example, to change font color and style, as you'll see in slide 1.2 in the attached. If you delete it, the checkmark will be removed from that Title checkbox you've shown above in #1, and you can click to recheck it. The title will then reappear.

4. In the attached slide there are 2 quiz slides: 1.2 and 1.3
1.2 uses the default quiz layout, which I've renamed with no ill effects.
1.3 uses a 2nd quiz layout I created. I did this by duplication the first quiz layout. Then, I changed the font color and style on the duplicate. Finally, I right-clicked on slide 1.3 and chose this layout from the shortcut menu.

In terms of how Storyline "knows" when to use this layout in the first place for quizzes, I can't speak to that! I'm thinking it's something in the code, but I'm just guessing (you can probably tell ;)).

Emily Ruby

Hello Bjarne!

Looks like Rebecca gave some good answers for you!

By default, Storyline will add the Master Layout "Question" when you add a new question slide.

Renaming this in the master layout will have no effect. If you create custom master slides, and you want to use those for quizzes, you will need to change the Layout in these slides under the home tab while in Slide view

Kathy Lee


Regarding 2+3: I re-checked the checkbox and the title textbox didn't come back!!! I'm resorting to copying a title textbox from a brand new .story file's slide master then copying and pasting the formatting. 

Is there a more efficient way to bring it back? Like select the textbox I want to make the title and check the box? (that's not working)...



Christie Pollick

Hello again, Kathy -- I also wanted to mention that you might want to try the following, as the checkbox should bring the title back in. Please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. Hope that helps!

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