Slide Masters Re-ordering?

Aug 27, 2016

Is it possible to change the order of the slide masters? I've created an entirely new custom set of slide masters with the goal of making a set of click-and-go templates for my client, and it seems I cannot control the order the slide masters appear after they are created.

I would like to reorder them so development is more intuitive (e.g., the course starter layout is displayed first, then the section starter layout, then title only, title and content, two content, etc. until the course assessment layout and course completion layout.

I realize I can copy an existing master and then strategically choose where to paste it, but that is time consuming when a client decides this will be a "value-add" when the project is nearly completed. And copying and pasting at that point also means going to each slide and altering the layout so it is safe to delete the slide master that was originally designated.

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Karin Martinsen

I had already commented on this thread.

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