Slide navigation locking up?

Feb 15, 2018

Has anyone ever experienced a slide that completely locks up after clicking on next? Sounds bizarre, I know. And I'm trying to troubleshoot it to figure out what is causing the behavior. The navigation is completely custom and there are tons of variables and triggers, but I cannot image why this behavior would result?

The bizarre thing is that I have a custom menu that links back to the slides. If I skip over the gremlin slide, the next button works just fine on all other slides.

I've deleted and re-added the navigation, checked my triggers multiple times. I don't have anything on the timeline that would involve something covering my navigation.

What else can I check?


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Kimberly Valliere

Nope, all properly spaced. All of the navigation locks up, not just next. It is almost as though a trigger disables the entire slide after clicking the next button once. The slide doesn't advance. Last night this behavior was on my 2nd slide, but today it has moved to my 3rd.

The spinning "thinking" wheel also appears quite often when the slide disables itself. 

Wendy Farmer

Maybe create a new project file in and import your slides in - see if that makes a difference.  If you want someone to take a look you could share the storyfile here.

There aren't any errant triggers on master slides that could be causing an issue?

Is this only happening in Preview or have you published and tested the output on a webserver or in an LMS?

Kimberly Valliere

I published to review last night and it was happening there too. I don't think there are errant triggers on the masters because there are only two master slides that I've used, so the issue seems like it would be somewhere else.

Sadly, I cannot post the file here, but I will definitely try to import and see if that fixes it.


Kimberly Valliere

Wendy, I decided to add the four problematic slides to a brand new SL course. I didn't adjust any of the settings for the course, so the default menu was still triggered. When I clicked on the slide  title in the menu, the brand new course froze in preview. I decided to just delete the darn slide and start over. Sure enough, it works!

Suzanne Shilton

Hi Kimberly, 

I haven't had a result yet.  For one of the course I'd created I narrowed it down to any slide which contained a layer.  I had to delete those slides and recreate without using layers then it worked fine.  Time-consuming but got the job done.  Haven't been able to solve the other issue yet.  


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