Slide Not Resetting

I have a menu slide with five buttons on it. The buttons have a state called complete. Once you click on a button it takes you a corresponding slide. That corresponding  slide takes you back to the menu slide and so forth until you've gone to all five slides. Once all five slides have been completed/visited a layer will show on the menu slide. On that layer is a navigation button for you to move forward. 

It works fine. Problem is when you go backwards and you come to that menu slide instead of resetting the slide to the initial state it immediately shows the layer. I know that it has to do with the trigger that says when all five of the menu buttons have changed to the complete state show the layer, but I wonder if there is away to create another variable that would reset that slide if you went backwards. Because I believe that even if I jumped the menu slide and went to the slide before it, once you came to the menu slide it would still immediately show the layer.

Hopefully I didn't confuse everyone. 


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Michael Kauzlarich

Hi Cindy,

There is a setting that I'm not sure if you tried or not that is for resetting a slide to it's initial state when revisiting. To access that, just have that 'menu slide' open in Storyline and with the base layer selected, click the gear icon in the very lower right of the screen. You should be able to select reset to initial state there.

Test that out to see if that works but you may need to add a few variable and trigger as well. I'm thinking it would probably work if you add a TRUE/FALSE variable and set it to False. Setup a trigger for that slide that changes the variable to True when the user clicks that final layer's 'next' button.

Next, set another trigger that resets the menu states of the buttons to Normal when timeline starts AND the TRUE/FALSE variable is = True (if you want them to not be in that complete state, which sounds like you don't since that triggers that unwanted layer).

Hopefully that makes sense!