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Jun 09, 2019

I've always numbered quiz questions separately from content.  Content would go 1...N and similarly quiz would go 1...M.

With SL's slide number menu includes "slide number in scene" and "Total Slides in Scene"... perfect! Just create a scene and total question and question numbers appear.

Then we have a problem with how do we exclude these quiz questions so they don't count toward the total. Excluding the quiz scene from the total count corrects the content total and kills the quiz numbering completely. Having two running counts, one for project and other for scene can't be done. The scene count will always be included in the project count in the current implementation.

Not exactly. If you are willing to have one scene for content, and another scene for quiz, it can be done using SCENE counts only. The problem with this approach is courses of any size would be burdensome to have a single scene for content.

Overall I am very happy to have slide numbering available. Even boxed in like this, what we have is better than manually numbering slides.

I don't want to leave this thread without a proposing a solution that isn't at odds with the current implementation. Scenes could support an optional (on/off) designation that separately numbers the scene from the project. This hypothetical designation would exclude the count from the project yet retain the scene and project counts of the current implementation. It just ties the current capabilities of exclude + scene numbering together extending the capability without changing any of the current capabilities.

... or maybe I just misunderstand something. There's always that.


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Slide Numbers feature, Sam!

For those following along here, I wanted to mention that you can exclude slides and scenes from slide counts. 

In Slide View, go to the Insert tab on the Storyline ribbon, click the Slide Number drop-down arrow and choose Exclude Slides. When the Exclude Slides window opens, uncheck the slides and scenes you don’t want to count, then click OK. (All slides are checked by default.)

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