Slide-out Menu with a Button Trigger

Apr 27, 2017

The training we are developing uses a slide-out menu, created on the Master slide. When the button (not an object used as a button) is clicked, it shows the the slide-out menu. The layer ends in 5 seconds, sliding the menu off the screen. The problem is, the button can only be clicked one time to the activate the menu.

Using a hot spot with a hover trigger works just fine but when triggered by a click, on the hot spot, it only allows one occurrence of the action.

Using a variable to a toggle the menu works, but the menu button will need to be clicked twice before reopening the menu. Bottom line, when the menu slides off the screen, the menu should reappear when the button is clicked again. Multiple clicks should be allowed on the button.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Emerson Collins

Hi Leslie, Thank you. Sorry for the delay. Didn't realize someone responded. The answer is too simple that my mind refused accept it. Place the button on the Master slide base layer, add an Show layer action to show the sub-layer. On the sub-layer add an action to Hide this layer when the timeline ends. Adjust the timeline to the desire length (3 or 5 sec).

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