Slide Properties on Slide Masters?

Oct 31, 2014

I may be missing something obvious here, but isn't it possible to set the default Slide Properties in the Slide Master layouts? I'm talking about these:

For instance, I'd like to have the seekbar on my "movie layout", and not on any other layouts. Can this be done in SL2, or is it a viable feature request?

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Jill McNair

Hi Bjarne,

There is no way to my knowledge to set the slide properties on the Master slides.  One thing you could try, using your example, is to build one "movie layout" slide and change the properties to what you want (e.g. removing the seekbar), then duplicate that slide when you need to create another one.  The slide properties will show up on the new slide.

It never hurts to put in a feature request!  This would be a helpful feature.

Hope it helps!


Bjarne O

Hi Ashley, thanks for your feedback. That's a great tip.

But, either changing slide properties for multiple slides is not working correctly in SL2, or I am not doing it right... Please see the screenshot below. I a) selected multiple slides in my question bank, b) clicked the gear icon highlighted with a red rectangle, c) changed the slide navigation controls. But it only seems to take effect for the first slide I selected...

Any advice?

Best regards,

Steve Flowers

Hi Bjarne - 

In Story View you also have a way to edit your question banks in the same way. Using this form view, you can select multiples within your bank and apply slide properties.

You can also copy and paste slides or questions into your bank (any slide can be part of a bank) from slide view or from the slides panel in slide view.

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