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Dec 13, 2016

I have another issue that is a bit odd.  I have a slide with an embedded video.  The next slide asks the user a question from the video.  If the user misses the question, I want the user to re-watch the video again.  The operation works good, but when the user misses the question and gets sent back to watch the video a second time, you can simply click the next button and immediately move forward without having to watch the video a second time,  The video is approximately 2 1/2 minutes in length.  As noted, the user cannot move forward on the first watch, and must stay on the slide for 2 1/2 minutes, but if sent back to re-watch, they have the ability to select the next button and move forward without watching the video.  I did set the slide properties to set to the initial state.  Is there something else I am missing?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there John!  I had a look at your file and made almost the same adjustment on Slide 1.12 that Wendy recommended.  The only difference is since you didn't have a media file, but rather a web object, I chose to change the state of the Next button to normal when the timeline reaches the end.

Also, if you want to force your users to retry the quiz once they've failed, you can create a trigger to change the state of the Next button to disabled when the timeline starts on the Failure layer. You can also copy the Review Quiz button directly onto the Success layer, since you likely want them to just begin the quiz again if they've failed.  They'll have nowhere to go but to Retry the quiz.  I added some triggers to retry the quiz when the timeline ends on the Failure layer, as well, to make sure that they get moved along.

Just some ideas to get you started!

John Mayfield


It works GREAT!  However, I noticed when I review the quiz, it does not show the questions I missed.  Only shows the correct answers for all questions.  Is that because I checked "none" for feedback?  For the review quiz I did not want feedback on each question as the user takes the review quiz, however, I would like for them to see which question(s) they chose incorrect, and what the correct answer is for that problem.  If not, it's no big deal, just curious why I did not see my incorrect choices when I purposely made an 80% on the second try.  Thanks again for your help, and sorry to be a pest.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi John! I do not see where you have the Review Quiz Results selected in your course. If you turn this on, this will allow post-quiz review, which is what I believe you are looking for.

Results Slide > Properties > Options > Allow user to review quiz

You may also want to adjust your slide properties for your quiz to not be on 'Reset to initial state', perhaps automatically decide would work best - otherwise it makes your review look like you didn't answer the question.

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