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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diana!

I don't believe I've seen a limit to the overall timeline length, but I've certainly seen videos or audio files that exceeded 16 minutes, so I wouldn't suspect that is the problem. What are you adding? Have you tried adding it to a new, blank presentation to help you determine if it's the file you're adding or your Storyline file? If it's the latter, I'd suggest importing it into a new project. 

Diana Stock

Leslie, I appreciate your response.  I imported a video into SL v2.5 and I can't get any trigger(s) to advance to the next slide. (media completes, timeline ends, etc.) While trying to add anything to the slide to add a trigger to it, that was when I saw the timing was max at 1000 seconds. I was trying to set anything at the end of the timeline and couldn't...

I still can't get the slide with the video to advance to next with the recent update.  I have had success in SL v1 and  SL v2.4 and even compared the files to ensure all the settings are the same. Being self taught, I am sure I am overlooking something!