Slide to freeform quiz and change state of characters

Oct 18, 2018

Hi there. I'd appreciate some help pointing me to an example. I set up a slide, changed it to a freeform quiz with just two choices, correct and not correct. Now I want to change the state of the characters on the slide after they click the submit button for each choice (or when the correct or incorrect slide layers are invoked), but I'm not seeing a choice to do that. Any direction is appreciated. Thanks!

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Cheryl Hoover

Thanks, Wendy. I could hide the objects on the base layer except for the background and then add the character again on the slide layer. I just figured there was a way to do it with states. I rarely get to work in courses these days and when I do I feel like I've having to relearn everything again. Thanks very much!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Cheryl

sorry I was running out of the house to drive down the coast and just arrived to see your reply.  See attached.  I worked on slide 3.1  I changed the guy character to have a 'shocked' state and just recoloured him so you could see it change as I didn't have another pose for him.  Added a trigger to change the state to shocked when the user clicks submit on condition that 'yes' is selected.  Then on the feedback layer I changed the transparency to 100% so you could actually see it change.  

You may need to tweak the position of things on the feedback layer if you want full character shots but if you're happy just to see the expressions change you may get away with how it's setup.

Hope this helps.

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