Slide triggers - deleting them


My slides were automatically advancing after the media ended via an automatic slide trigger.

So I went into all 50 slides and deleted the slide trigger 1 by 1.

When I exported zip file and uploaded it to Saba LMS, the triggers were still there.

2 questions:

1) is there a bulk way to delete all the slide triggers instead of all the time it takes by going 1 by 1.

2) why didn't the trigger changes carry over into the zip file (and yes, I saved my work after deleting all 50 of them).


Thank you.

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Joe Pillsbury


sorry about that, I just looked at the issue you are having and if you are in a scene view and select all the slides then make a change under slide properties you are correct.  Only the first slide is affected.  However, if you go to story view, with the scene expanded and select multiple slides, then change it under the slide panel on the right, it will change all of them.  I hope this helps.

Jim O

I already did each slide 1 by 1 but thanks.

I was in Story View - the 1st tab. And when I Ctrl-A, it still didn't work. I'm running Windows on a Mac, not sure if that's where the bug is.

But if I do hold down Shift and select multiple slides, that does seem to work for all slides selected this way.

Would be a great feature in the future though if you could do Ctrl-A and make changes in bulk that way.

Thank you.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Jaime!

I'm happy to help! Deleting triggers can be done on a slide basis rather than a project basis. To remove multiple triggers on the Trigger Panel, hold down SHIFT on your keyboard and select the triggers. This will select multiple triggers and then simply, press the Delete button on the panel.

Let me know if you have any questions!