Slider should skip stops

Nov 02, 2023

Hello dear E-Learning Heroes!

I have created a slider that should go from 0 to 5 for layout reasons. However, points 2 and 4 should be skipped, so the slider should not snap there. Does anyone have an idea how this can be solved?

I had already considered inserting a second slide that is called at stop 1 and where the slider line is faked and actually only 3 stops are included. But if the user wants to reset the slider to 0, it doesn't work then. And believe me - there is ALWAYS someone who tries this! 🙄

I have attached the file - so it might be easier to understand.

Thanks in advance to the community!

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Stefano Craba

Hi Natalija;

if snapping is not too important you could think to make the slider go smoothly changing the "step" value and adding triggers to hide the elements in case the slider is pulled back; see if the att. could work, you might want to fine tune the values a bit; hope it helps


Natalija Ivanovic

Hi Stefano,

great idea, thank you very much! I also love that when you move the slider back the infoboxes disappear, I'll adopt that too. And I can also center the arrows above the infoboxes by using the mini stops and not have to follow the slider stops that are far apart.

Thank you very much and greetings from Germany!