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Philip Landry

I have a slider that is being used to show the pH scale with 0-14 and starting point is 7 (center). When the user gets to a certain value the slider will trigger a layer to show/play defining that pH level. I am trying to get this to happen once only as the slider must go left or right from 7 and then back again to explore the other side of the scale. Problem is when I come back from the extremes of the scale I have to trigger the layers again which were just seen in order to get to the other unexplored triggers/layers.... I want them to show the layer only once but cant find a good design to do this as of yet...Any help appreciated. 

Walt Hamilton

For the pH layer 8, create a variable named Eight. Add these two triggers to layer 8:

"Hide layer 8 when timeline starts on this layer if variable Eight = True", and "Adjust variable Eight set = True when timeline starts on this layer."

Be sure they are in this order, and repeat (with a unique variable) for each layer.