SME Review of Storyline Course

When asking a SME to review a course, what is the best way for them to identify the page number?  The only option i've come across so far is to either turn on the Menu.  It works but.......

Would be fantastic if we could insert a refernce textbox with a %SlideName% or %SlideNumber% or %SceneName%.

Would be nice if i could drop those onto a layer and make a hidden button on every slide that would display it so you can always note where you are in a course - especially during review.

So how do your SME's document their edits on your published storyline courses?

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Kim Hannan

Love this question. Just curious if anyone has any current advice since it was never answered? I know you can publish the course out as an MS document, but I'm looking for a more integrated option. Captivate's review program allows me to enter comments as I'm completing the course, so that has me spoiled. (I love their review option more than the development tool, but reviews are a big deal for my team.)

Ezequiel Aranda

Hi again,

I've just realised that my previous post has been removed. So I just want to apologise to the community in case that post has been inconvenience in any way, and also ask moderator the reason of the removal in order to avoid further mistakes in the future. 

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