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Michael Burns

Hi Sandy, I just threw something together earlier today that I hope gives you a few ideas. I create content for software training, and it can get a little dry - so, instead of just doing "E-presenting", I'm going to do a game for an upcoming project. Here's the demo: https://goo.gl/uhSllh

There are a lot of brain games out there, and this does something similar - trains the user to do something in a certain order. This is a quick version, but tell me what you think! If you'd like I can also send you the source file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tonya! Hopefully the users here are subscribed and will reach back out to you.

Our Building Better Courses forum may be better fitted for this type of question. As an example, I wanted to share this thread where users were discussing how to present a 'boring' topic to the users and there are many ideas/courses shared that may help you as well.