Some java broke my file

Jun 03, 2019

Firstly, I know java isn't officially supported and I may be screwed but here's the deal. I've got this object that had some working bits of java in it. Mainly to print a results page but they want it to be able to be emailed. So I got some java code from a guy in my office that works in the test form he gave me. So I modified that to fill the body with what I want and put that in and it doesn't work. But also neither does the print bit now and taking out the email code still leaves the print bit broken.  

Is there anything I can do short of rebuilding the object to fix this?

Also does anyone know of any hard limits of the java system, such as character/line counts/amount of variables it can pull in etc (what i'm trying to run is 179 lines/4538 chars, mostly being get vars and some html table code for the body. I don't really know if thats alot or not but the one that does work is 32lines/1056char

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