Some options for controlling pauses in Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Jul 10, 2021

There was an article posted a while back that talked about how to add pauses in Storyline's text-to-speech. It mentioned adding punctuation, but it missed the option to add line breaks, and didn't cover the difference in pauses caused by different characters. 

What I found was that commas add the shortest pause. Periods are a little longer. Line breaks are almost double the pause of a comma. In case you're  wondering, you can't add pause characters together to lengthen the pauses but I'd like to add that as a feature request.

Here's a test you can run to try it for yourself:

Cut the text below between the ----- markers and paste it into the TTS editor. Play the audio by previewing the slide. You will definitely hear the difference.

Do not edit the text unless your cut-and-paste removes the line breaks. Make sure there are two line breaks per number in the final test. Technically looking like this:


<line break>



With no pause characters, I sound like this: one two three four five

With commas as pause characters, I sound like this: one, two, three, four, five,

With periods as pause characters, I sound like this: one. two. three. four. five.

With line breaks as pause characters, I sound like this:











Hope this takes some of the mystery out of TTS. I've also included a .story file for convenience, if that helps.



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Cindi  Baney

Patrick: Do you have any tips on having the actual captions separated at a logical speaking/pausing place in the TTS editor (versus having to split captions or manually creating a new placeholder in the Captions Editor)? I have done line breaks, commas, and periods and the Captions generate how they want, and I have to split captions or manually create new placeholder and copy text to ti.