Something is not right with my revisit of a slide that has layers (FIXED)

Jul 27, 2021

I have a round trip slide that leads to four subslides when the learner clicks. I have a hint layer show up at a specific time, which is set to hide itself after the user clicks outside it or timeline runs out. This is meant to have it only show up ONCE, at first visit on a certain time cue point.

Timeline on base layer is set to pause while the layers show, so it resumes once you hide the layer.

But when ever I return to this slide, the layer shows up again. As if the Resume from Saved state feature is broken somehow.

I even set my show layer trigger to have a condition: Show only if state of Marker is not Visited. Yet it still fires. Why?


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Soren J Birch

Yes, Cleo is the best. Well you are all great, but this particular fellow has saved my bacon several times over the years. Cleo suggested changing the Marker into a T/F variable, and rig the triggers on the base and extra layer to check for the value. Now it plays as I wanted it to. Thanks to all.

Soren J Birch

I made sure to tell him myself also :) For anyone else reading, his suggestion is to try variables if triggers based on state changes seems to be acting funnily.

I prefer to rig triggers to object states rather than introce a lot of variables. It makes it less obvious to an outsider what the h*ck is going on in your slide, and now you can add "it does not always play ball with slide revisits" - but on the plus side it does not clutter your global variables list with local problems and it is the natural choice for creating rules off object interactions.