Sound effects not playing when they're supposed to

Mar 31, 2023

Hi all - 

I have a sound effect (mp3, and I've tested it in the Audio editor and it works) in the timeline of a slide. I have two cue points set. And I have two Slide triggers: 

Play audio Audio 1 When the timeline reaches cue point Cue point #1 (0.54s) and Play audio Audio 1 When the timeline reaches cue point Cue point #2 (5.38s).

But the audio doesn't play. 

What am I missing? 

TIA - 


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Lerissa Patrick

Hi Wendy -

I have one file - Audio 1 - that is a "pop" sound effect - very short. I want it to play twice, at two different points, marked by cue points. I really don't know how to do this ... you have to use a trigger "stop media" ??

I've attached the slide.